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Friday, July 1, 2011

Open invitation for feedback on Austin Energy Scene Map

A number of citizens with interests in the Central Texas Energy Industry have been working with various members of the Austin clean tech community, under the guidance of ATXEquation, to organize and facilitate a stronger sense of synergy and collaboration amongst the different stakeholders within the Austin clean tech community - all in an effort to create an "Energy Scene".

The team is currently reaching out for help and input from stakeholders all across Austin.

The purpose of creating this 'Energy Scene' is to facilitate cross-community collaboration that breaks down barriers and enables communication, resource sharing and innovation. The ATXEquation teaches that when a scene truly becomes a scene, it is no longer perceived as (or perceives itself as) a collection of related communities, but as a nimble, decentralized collective with shared motives and goals.

The creation of an Austin Energy Scene should benefit every individual and group within the community by providing greater direction in navigating the community, connecting the various organizations within the community, providing greater communication within the community, reducing overlap and repetition between different groups, and driving greater numbers to each organization's events and programs.

Following the ATXEquation process, the first step in helping to steward the Austin Energy Scene is to "map" the scene. The team has created the foundation of this map with a Mindmeister account and invites all stakeholders to sign in and contribute to the map. Please add freely, but we ask that you not delete anything, rather comment on this blog, or via email, with your suggestions to remove an item.

To access the mind map, please contact any of the following people to request that they send you a mindmeister invite:

Chad Blevins -
Stephen Garten -
John King -
Jeffrey Sabins -

Again, we ask that you only add to the map and submit a comment via email with your suggestions for the removal of any entry.

The team will keep this round of edits open until July 14, 2011. The next step will be to convene community participants together to communicate, share ideas, share calendars, and further develop and nurture Energy Scene relationships. The final step is to evangelize the Energy Scene, advocating its development both to itself and to the people and communities outside of the scene.

Stay tuned on this blog and elsewhere for more information and progress!