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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is ATXequation?

Update: It has been a year since the ATXequation conversation began. Taking this moment to reflect on the frequently asked questions we get these days as the word begins to spread. Mostly "What are you doing exactly?" and "Why?"

We continue to explore our original question - what makes Austin special? We're intrigued by the many different discussions this one question prompts - and even more interested in the common thread woven across those answers. ATXequation was borne out of a desire to test the strength of that thread and witness the pattern of the fabric it weaves.

So we've been asking the question and sharing the various answers -- and our hypothesis on their commonalities. For example, we believe that Austin's uniquely-designed experiences and our rich, diverse communities combine to create lasting and powerful "scenes" that make Austin the thriving, vibrant city it is. Some say those scenes have just sprung up organically over time, that there is no method or science to how they've generated themselves. We think that scene-making can be deconstructed to inform those of us who want to continue Austin's legacy of being the best place to live. We think the "how" is important for those Austinites (and others) who are investing themselves now, or will invest themselves as future stewards of our city. Stewards who understand that a strength like Austin's isn't about happenstance, but a unique and special combination that -- like any good recipe -- is improved with each chef that attempts it, but always begins with a set of key ingredients. Thus, the equation: Experience + Community = Scene.

People like to talk about Austin, which makes spreading the word about how to "make a scene" fun and easy. It means encouraging people to elevate their thinking from an isolated, individual or singular community perspective to the scene mentality -- a mindset that means looking across a set of related communities to find what they have in common, and what they don't. By doing this, we can create quicker synergy, collaboration and results for the city we care about so deeply.

The question of what makes Austin so unique - what sort of city Austin is at it's core - brings forward so many different responses. But a very clear theme continues to emerge ... that it's a city that encourages us all to be who we are at our core - to fully express ourselves, and in so doing to connect with others. These connections are evident all across Austin's varied communities and scenes.

In fact, since we began, more than a dozen "scene mappers" have stepped up to document the many communities that make up Austin's scenes: music, arts, technology, entrepreneurship, non-profit and many other scenes are literally being mapped to reveal the connecting points, and places of disconnect. Because the mappers hope that by drawing the dots they'll learn more about how to connect them into a stronger scene. One that is aware of itself as such and sees the power and value in the collective. So far, the "ahas" of the scene mapping process have been many. "Oh really, you're doing that too?" "Why didn't we know about each other sooner!"

To what end is all of this? Perhaps it's best there not be an end, but a constant exploration of the creativity and inclusivity that makes Austin Austin. We can't bottle such a process, but we may be able to distill it's essence just enough for Austinites everywhere and maybe even those outside our fair town to take a sip and not only enjoy, but understand, and begin to share the formula.

We think we're on to something regarding the starting QUEST(ion), "What makes Austin special?" and that question has morphed into another: how do we steward Austin on its journey? Ours was an impulse of stewardship for the city and our real intent is that you take on the office for yourself. It's up to you to be a steward for Austin in whatever way you can imagine - whether that's within or outside of the Atxequation initiative itself. Our job is to lay the groundwork with the model - the "real work" of stewardship is up to us all.


WikiRandy Fisher said...

Interesting post, about what makes Austin so special and unique. My thought is, that in addition to the positive energy; confluence of actors and resources; the push and pull dynamism of being connected; there is, also the opportunity to make a living.

Noting that your blog has an Non-Commercial restriction (instead of CC-BY or CC-BY-SA) certainly is not in the spirit of making a living. Perhaps it is a philosophical choice - see Stephen Downes - but I question it, because as we use and remix each other's work (either formally or informally), it's nice to be able to make a living while plying our craft.

Beyond that, the NC restriction on your blog, removes you from a wide swath of people who would ordinarily participate and contribute.

My 2 cents.


Unknown said...

Great post,As I've mentioned in previous blogs, Austin is full of great networking events and tech industry meet-ups.

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