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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Energy Scene expands outreach

Several leaders in various Green Energy communities have been working with various members of the Austin clean tech community, under the guidance of ATXEquation to steward our own "Energy Scene".

The ultimate goal is to convene community participants together to communicate, share ideas, share calendars, and further develop and nurture the "Energy Scene". This will ultimately help organize and facilitate a stronger sense of coordination, cohesiveness and collaboration amongst the different people, groups, and companies within Austin.

Our first step was to map out all of the people, companies, groups, and resources in Austin relating to energy. In June, we opened the first draft of the "Energy Scene" map to the public. In total, 39 people requested access to edit and view the map and 16 made changes.

Now, we will personally sit down with key stakeholders that expressed interest in the first round of edits.

With this stakeholder feedback, we will begin to identify next steps and outline an implementation plan that will move us toward a more organized and navigable clean energy community in Austin, benefiting all parties involved and stewarding the future of Austin's clean energy economy.

As we continue to progress, we will keep you and the community informed.

Please contact any of us (emails below) if you have any further questions, or would like to provide input.

We look forward to your continued participation, support, and interest.


Chad Blevins ( - Jackson School Energy Resources Group, President

Audrey Thompson ( - Solar Austin, President

Stephen Garten ( - Austin Technology Incubator, Senior Associate

John King ( - Focused Advocacy, Senior Associate

Jeffrey Sabins ( - McCombs Cleantech Group, President

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