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Thursday, November 10, 2011

GoLab Austin redefining Co-Working and Creating a Community

As told by ATXEquation student Sydney Hilgers

St. Edward’s ATXEquation students were recently treated to a tour of The GoLab, a co-working office community located in the heart of downtown Austin that not only houses different companies, but also encourages networking between them. The term “co-worker” has recently changed from the familiar meaning of a fellow worker or work associate, to a more modern definition. Wikipedia defines co-working as “style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity …those co-working are usually not employed by the same organization”.

Intrigued by this new approach to co-working, Steve Golab established The GoLab Austin, a community of “like-minded, creative people” and where professionals, who would normally work from home, can come together in a “safe environment that revolves around emerging technology and design.

The GoLab possesses all the elements that are required for a group of people to be considered a community. The GoLab is about connecting professionals and creating a functioning co-working environment. They also take action by having weekly “learning lunches” where the members of the community get together, have lunch and engage one another in what is new in their various businesses as well as the community itself. The members of GoLab are connected through their need for a coworking environment and those who do engage in business together are connected professionally. Finally, there are protocols within The GoLab such as membership fees and general behavior requirements and understandings within the GoLab members. Steve mentioned, “when a member has their headphones on that is the universal signal at here for ‘Do Not Disturb’,” Other such protocols like cleaning up common areas and remaking the coffee are other protocols that members of the community are expected to follow.

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