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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Create and enjoy SXdipity

Serendipity: discovering something awesome while looking for something else. i.e. penicillin.

SXdipity: discovering something awesome while looking for something else at SXSW

By now, you've scanned the schedule, consulted guides, RSVPd to umpteen parties, added the SX Houses Google Map and you're ready to go. And while you will indeed have a fantastic time, no matter where you are, there's a whole other experience to be had where you generate and enjoy SXdipity with your fellow SXers.

While you can't engineer it (it wouldn't be SXdipity if it were planned!), here are 3 simple actions you can take:

1. Create a SXdipity Posse.  SXdipity arises from a group of friends discovering and sharing the cool things they're encountering. GroupMe is a fantastic tool for this. Start up a SXdipity group and add new friends to it as you go along. Then start sharing, especially as you're experiencing anything cool.

2. Be present, wherever you are. As you engage in conversations, be curious. Ask yourself, "what SXdipity can I create for this person?" It could be a cool panel or party they should check out. Or a person they should connect with. Or something you learned that would be valuable to them. Then make that connection right then and there.

3. Prepare to abandon the plan for something entirely new and unexpected. As you talk to people, they might share something great that will take you away from your plan. Go for it!

When in doubt, keep in mind the immortal words of the New Radicals: you only get what you give!

Enjoy! And use #SXdipity to share the goodness that's happened!

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Bijoy said...

A fantastic SXdipity rejoinder for SX19 by Deepa Mann-Kler: